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What is is the only hybrid link-tracker, with links on all your websites in one place, for SEO, branding, and control benefits, plus every other type of redirect link. We have been in business since 2006, have invented numerous new technologies and techniques, and are the choice of many top marketers and marketing coaches.

Lifetime Recurring Commissions:

We are still paying out commissions from many clients who joined over nine years ago. The more clients you send us, the higher your commission rate. Here's what you'll make:

Active ClientsRate
1 - 49 clients35% recurring
50 - 149 clients40% recurring
150 - 249 clients45% recurring
250+ clients50% recurring

(Naturally, making a purchase with your own affiliate link is not valid.)

When You Sign Up:

Our affiliates also use on a daily basis in their own marketing. If you're new to, please schedule a call with us after you sign up so we can get you setup with an account and show you how works. We've done a lot of things differently, and a quick tour will show you the benefits and get you going fast.

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We're only accepting quality affiliates who add value to their lists and our brand, so we review each application.


By requesting an affiliate link, you agree:


  1. Not to use domains that contain the word "Trackerly", unless it is clear that this is not our site. Domains like "" or "" are not allowed, while "" is.
  2. Not to use negative marketing techniques, such as posting ads asking, "Is a scam?" etc. We do not want stuff like that associated with our brand.
  3. To not make sites that include anything from our sales site, including text, videos, and graphics. You can produce your own screenshots and videos, and we will provide official content shortly.
  4. To not use predatory advertising methods designed to get unearned commissions or to get people to our site who didn't intentionally mean to do so.
  5. To spread the word about through ethical methods only. Accounts that send a lot of poor quality traffic will be flagged for review.
  6. To follow the additional terms in our affiliate agreement.

To keep the playing field level, we will check logs frequently and terminate the account and permanently withhold all earnings of any affiliate who breaks these rules.