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Make all your marketing more profitable with modern redirect links

Marketing to humans? Only makes the highest converting links so more people click, with all marketing links for all your sites tracked side-by-side.

Get To:

Make human-friendly tracking links on all your sites
Also QR codes, short links, and more coming soon
Track all your marketing for all your sites, live
Add conversion boosting techniques to marketing
And, soon, replace three tracking tools with one

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Make your marketing more profitable

We made these the most powerful, clickable, and profitable links you will ever publish. Using any other links misses many opportunities to get more clicks, make more money, react, and develop strategy.

Publish more clickable links

Safe looking links from a trusted source, which look like they will address the user's question, are proven to get many more clicks than scary tracking links.

Only creates normal, SEO boosting keywords links, on all your websites, which increases conversions. (And it makes every other type of link.)

Keep published links current

Once you publish a marketing link, it remains totally under your control, even if it's in an e-book, e-mail, or a QR code printed on the side of a bus.

Only can instantly update all the tracking links to an outdated destination at once, and keep accurate stats, no matter how many changes you make.

Motivate people to click uses fear-of-loss to increase desire so your lists learn to look for and open your messages.

Scarcity offers expire at a specific time or after a number of clicks and if people don't get there in time, they go to an alternate page, like a waiting list or secondary offer. Next time, they'll click right away.

Make more by testing offers

At any time, take all the traffic going to a destination and split-test it with competing products to find out which one converts best or is overall more profitable. Then assign the winner and increase your profits.

Or use it to send each person to a new link on each click to get multiple uses out of a single link.

Bring people back to your sites

Keep them engaged with banner ads, social sharing bars sharing your redirect link, or anything else injected above the destination with SEO-friendly i-frames.

(Or add invisible third-party or custom Javascript. You can include other tracking scripts, embedded an affiliate link, or anything else. You have complete control.)

Pre-sell to increase conversions

Display a full-page pre-sell ad, while loading third-party Javascript tools, embedding affiliate links, or whatever, without messing with the destination link.

(Unlike adding frames, there is no way for destination sites to block pre-loading pages, so you'll know your additional tracking code or cookies are dropped.)

Track all your marketing links in one place

Whatever you're promoting, you'll save a tonne of time and actually track and learn from your marketing. Every kind of redirect link (on multiple domains/site) are managed side-by-side. Here's what we handle:

SEO / Keyword Links

Normal looking links get more clicks and enhance SEO. Only can brand them to your web site domains for maximum trust, and also manage and track links on all your sites together.

Short Links

Create short links (like links) on our generic short domains. and, with link editing and all the other marketing power of behind them.

QR Codes

Create codes for every poster, ad, your business cards, etc., so you'll know exactly which printed marketing material generates the most traffic to your sites and affiliate links.

Generic Keyword Links

If you don't care about branding or have no domains, create keyword links on our generic domains like, They still look less like tracking links and indicate where people are going.

Branded Short Links

Create short links (like links) on your own short domains that match your branding, with link editing and all the other marketing power of behind them.

Domain Redirects

For really important promotions, like a big affiliate promotion, buy an easy to remember domain and redirect it straight to the destination, and manage it just like any other link.

E-Mail Opens

Are your email subjects effective? Track how many people see your emails. (Requires HTML emails with images enabled by the user.)


When you use the tap-to-call phone numbers on mobile web sites, can track how often people use that to call you.

Outbound Links

Paste some Javascript onto your page, and will track clicks on all the links on the page, automatically creating them in

Adding your websites into for keyword links is quick and fully automated, so anyone can do it. Create tracking links on all your domains from one place! Here's a 1:35 minute demo of an install:

Organize your marketing so you can learn from it

A quick glance shows which marketing is working, needs a boost, or is wasting your time. See the big picture across all your brands, or filter down to any group, niche, traffic source, time period and more.

Protect your sources from being stolen also give advanced marketers the variable handling tools they need to protect their traffic sources and keywords so unscrupulous product owners can't cut you out of the loop:

Pass Or Hide Variables

Sometimes you need to hide the variables coming from traffic sources, so destination sites can't see them. You can turn on or off passing for each variable being sent to a destination.

Append Variables

Add extra variables to specific trackers to pass along to affiliate networks (or save in when saving variables is enabled) to identify traffic sources, while still passing out clean links.

Attach Network Tokens

If you're sending traffic from traffic networks to affiliate networks, you can rename variables from the networks so they're all the same as what the affiliate network expects to pass along tracking data.

Hide Sources/Keywords

When sending traffic to affiliate links, they can discover where the traffic is coming including search terms. Stop them from stealing your sources with a few clicks.

Save Variables

If you have important information attached to your links, you can save it and then report on it, including click id, keywords, sale value, and traffic source.

Save Conversions

Send only click ID's to affiliate networks to protect your data, then import conversion stats back into, to learn which marketing generates sales. (For compatible affiliate networks.)

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Track Unlimited Links
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Short Links
QR Codes
Edit Destinations
Private, Real-Time Stats
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Custom domains*
"Newbie" Plan And...
All Other Tracking Types
Scarcity Offers
Split-Test Offers
Scheduled Offers
Conversions & Revenue
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Token Saving/Rewriting
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  • How can I stay updated about

    Head over to the blog for all of the latest updates and progress reports, and follow us on Twitter for status updates, new features, and tips. If you would like to send us a question, feature suggestion, etc, please visit our support site at

  • When will all the features be available?

    Most of the features planned for launch will be finished in the next few months. (There may be one or two that take a bit longer.) As each new feature is completed, it will be made available, along with training videos.

  • Is there a mobile app? is designed to work great on tablets on your browser, and is usable on phones. We'll be making a phone specific version in the future.

  • How do I cancel, and what happens?

    Cancel at any time from the billing link in the dashboard. When you cancel, your links keep working! We stop checking your sites for problems with branded links, and you won't be able to login to manage anything anymore. Oh, and if you come back later, you'll have to pay whatever the current price is.

  • What if I need help?

    We have tutorials and support forums available from the top of every page and the dashboard. If you have trouble, questions, suggestions, or just want to chat, send us an email or reply to any email from us. We love to talk to, learn from, and help our clients!

  • Is there a free trial or guarantee?

    While we don't have a free trial while we're in pre-release mode, there is a full refund if you cancel in the first 30 days.

  • What if I go over my monthly "click" limits?*

    Extra clicks are billed at $0.0001/click, which is $5/50,000. Any overage from the current month will be added to the next invoice and billed automatically. Unused clicks do not roll over from month to month.

  • Do I need my own domains/hosting?

    If you want to create short links or keyword links on your own domains, you need to own/buy those domains and host them. Most LAMP servers will work and a full set of requirements can be found in our support forum. For ethical reasons, we recommend buying domains at and NOT

  • What if I need more branded domains?**

    It's pay as you grow! Add or remove your custom domains at any time and you will be billed $5/month/domain above the ones that come with your account. Use your custom domains for either short links or SEO links.

  • How do I setup/upgrade domains?

    We created a super-easy installer so you can start making custom links on your own domains in two minutes flat - no geek required! We do all the dashboard upgrades for you and if a domain upgrade is required, you can do it with a single click on most servers. We are also working on a 100% WordPress plugin.

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  • Stats are back on for links and synced this morning. Next week, several changes to increase redirect speed on under high load.
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  • Temporarily disabled stats on short links while investigating why they were redirecting slow. Click data during this time will not be lost.
    9 months ago

  • We dealt with some billing issues this week. Now finishing framed links so the remaining domains can be upgraded from GTT.
    9 months ago

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